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New Pages

You may have found out that we have been making some new pages on The new pages are the Music and the Arcade pages. On the Music page, you can watch free online music videos from our handpicked song and video playlist, or go to and make your own playlists. The Arcade page has all your favorite games from and ... Full story

Halloween Pizza Party!

The party was awesome. Here is the video: Top 5 Pizza Helpers (if you were at the pre-party you know what I mean): Bubbles Twinklespeed Midnight Moons Midnight Roses Cleopatra's Kitty Loopencrump and more... Full story

Behind Selbot HQ

To go behind Selbot HQ go to Selbot Hq and wait for a toon to go into the doors where you choose your boarding group. Right before they go into te door, teleport to them, then you will behind Selbot HQ. Full story

New Character Selection Screen

Toontown has just changed their character selection screen. Instead of orange, it is now blue. Take a look below. Full story

Secret Emotion

To get "Toons of the World Unite", go to Donalds Dreamland. Then go to Pajama Palace and find the building called "Talking in Your Sleep". Go inside and say "Would You Like Some Help" . Then the Toons of the World Phrase will be added to your emotions list. ] Full story

Toontown Contest! Win Big!

Well, our team has decide to hold a contest, so here it is: All you have to do is submit a post. It is suggested, but not a rule, that you add an image and/or video to help readers understand the topic. Your post must be about Toontown, it could be a cheat, glitch, tip, trick,or other. As long as it is about Toontown. Also please include your email, so ... Full story

Be on the Pillow in Donald’s Dreamland

First  go to Donald's Dreamland and wait by the entrance to Minnie's Melodyland. Wait for someone on the other side by the Pet Shop to start running. When they run past the door of the Pet Shop teleport to them and make sure they dont stop. You should be in the tunnel. Walk through the wall on the left and into the grey zone. Go until you ... Full story

How to Get a Black Cat

This is how to get a Black Cat First It has to be Halloween Next make a any color cat Do the tutorial But at at the end where you must say your first words say "Toontastic!" Now your a Black Cat!!! Full story

How to go Super Slow-Mo or Super Fast

Okay this is one of my favorite glitches. Just log in to Toontown and change your date to somewhere in the future, then into the past to go slow-mo. Then if you want to go VERY fast, change your date somewhere into the future, then the past, and back to the future. Then once your done with the cheat, log out and change the date ... Full story

Fighting the V.P.

1.Go to Daisy's Garden 2.Go through the tunnel by the fishing pond. 3.Keep going until you reach Sellbot HQ 4.Get all your Sellbot Parts by defeating the Factory 10 times. 5.Go into the doors in the back. (If your coming from Daisy's Garden head straight) 6.Find your boarding group and fight the V.P. Here is the video on how to do it Full story

How to Walk With Your Jelly Bean Jar

To walk with your Jelly Bean Jar you must first Go to your estate Go into your house run up to the Jar and as soon as you hit the Jar move furinture and put the Bank away Now your walking with your Jelly Bean Jar . Full story

How to Walk Around With Your Fishing Pole

This is how to walk around with your fishing pole! 1. First go to any fishing pond 2. Then start to fish 3. As soon as you start fishing press EXIT then jump off the dock and in to the water 4. When you hit the water go backwards and open your shticker book now your walking with your fishing pole! (Takes alot of time to get the hang of it, ... Full story

How to Clone Your Toon

How to Clone Your ToonThis is how to clone your toon 1. First do the walk with fishing  pole cheat (if you don't know how it is posted on our website) 2. Then walk over to the cannons bought at the cattalog (must be at your estate) 3. Simply go in the cannon , Cast your fishing pole, and then exit both. Good job you may now see ... Full story

Walk Under Water

To walk under water simple go swimming under water and click on a player. Press report and then cancel. You will now be walking on water. (water must be deep enough to do this so I suggest to go to Donalds Dock) Full story

Get Free Jellybeans

To get free jellybeans first do the float/fly cheat. How To Float/Fly: Go to Donalds Dock and to the island in the center. Go neck high in the water and jump backwards. As soon as you hit the water press F8 or open your shticker book. Exit Toontown and press Okay, and as soon as you do, run forward. Every time you walk forward you go higher, and ... Full story

Best Way To Float/Fly

Go to Donalds Dock and to the island in the center. Go neck high in the water and jump backwards. As soon as you hit the water press F8 or open your shticker book. Exit Toontown and press Okay, and as soon as you do k, run forward. Every time you walk forward you go higher, and if you walk backwards you go down. If you ... Full story

Fall Thorugh Elevator

To fall through an elevator go to Selbot HQ and go in the factory. Find any elevator and go on it. While going up go to a wall and press F8 ot click your Shticker Book to open it. Then you will fall through it and be walking in a gray area. Full story

How to Walk With Numbers

To walk with you number keys all you are going to do is use the following keys: 8 = up 4= left 2= down 6=right Full story

Jellybean Tip

This is a quite simple way to get extra jellybeans, it may take some time but pays off. First go to Donald's Dreamland and go to a district that is usually full, Nutty Summit or Nutty River. If possiable go to Nutty River, just trust me on this one. When you get to the district there should be a crowd by the HQ, there doesnt ... Full story

Toontown Party Like A Toon Sweepstakes

Until July 31st, every day you login to Toontown, you will be automaticaly entered for a chance to win either a Disneyland resort or a Walt Disney Eorld Resort vacation. So I guess you can say it is a good excuse for playing. Good Luck! Full story

Party Updates

Toontown has just updated Toon Parties by adding some new activites! Come check them out! Tug-of-War - Now play tug of war with oter toons! More Cannons -  Hold up to 10 cannons in a party More Trampolines - Hold up to 8 trampolines "Noise Maker" Decoration - "Make Some!" Dance Floor: 10 new dance moves for a total of 20! Jukebox : 40 brand new songs! "Party Stage" Decoration : "No diving allowed!" "Party ... Full story

Large, White Toon Cheat

To become a large, white, Toon head to the Brrgh and go to the Polar Palace street. Then find Hibernation Vacation and say “Howdy”. Then you will get a large and whiter toon as long as you stay in the Brrgh. Full story

“Backyard” at Your Estate Cheat

This will allow you to get into the green space outside your house, even put furniture there. To do so get your Wardrobe and put it directly by the wall and make the doors face the wall as well. Then once you place it, try on some clothing and press “OK” you will then be in your “backyard”. Full story

Become Dead in Water

You must have “Toons of the World Unite” and must be in Donald’s Dock. Once there go to the island and press CTRL to jump into the water, but before you hit the water go to Emotions and press “Toons of the World Unite”. Full story

Steal Friends Clothes

To wear someone else’s clothing you must be at there estate and try on the clothes you like. Then get them to move the closet with you still in it, and then have them put in in their attic. (You may have to be Secret Friends to tell them this, if they don’t figure it out.) Also, if you log out you will loose the ... Full story

Design a Party Decoration Contest Over

The Design a Party Decoration Contest is now over. The Toon Council is reviewing all entries, as we speak and will announce them shortly. The three winners will have their ideas will be available for Toons to rent at their parties Full story

Game Updates

Toontown has made some new Game updates this summer, they include the following: If a Toon is asleep and receives a message, it will auto:reply by itself. Toons that are in battle and pass will not receive any Toontask credit. If a Toon chooses to pass in battle, other Toons fighting with them will be notified. Catalogs no display items from least to greatest in price. These updates were just ... Full story

Summer Fireworks Extravaganza

It’s summer time in Toontown, and it is time for the annual 16 day long Summer Fireworks Extravaganza. This means every hour a firework show will take place in all the playgrounds until July 16th. Full story
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