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Fighting Tip

When you enter an explorable area an you see a lot of enimies your instinct usually tells you to flee or run past them, well my tip to you, don't. This leads to a lot of enimies chasing and killing you. You will die faster running istead of fighting the groups sepratley. However, if you have a lot of space around the enimies it may ... Full story

Name a Pet

To name your pet simply type /namepet (pet's name here). Full story

How to Get a Fire Imp

Fire Imp: Can be summoned every 60 minutes for level 19's and below. Requirements: Must have an Igneous Summoning Stone. How To Get A Igneous Summoning Stone: type /bonus in your chat menu. You will also get 6 other items customized for you. How to Summon: Go to an explorable area and press F5 ... Full story

How to Get M.O.X

M.O.X : A golem, level 20 no matter your level. Requirements To Get M.O.X: Must  have Prophecies, Factions, and Nightfall campaigns on one account, the Trilogy Pack, or the Game of the Year Edition. Must Be a Level 10 to unlock. Where to Find M.O.X: Prophecies -  Go to theNorth Kryta Province in Kryta Factions  -  Go to Bukdek Byway in Kaineng City Nightfall -  Go to Plains ... Full story

Extra Gold Tip

If you are in need of gold, or simply want more, buy an Identifacation Kit. Eventually it will pay off giving you up to 60 extra gold per item. Just find an item that does not say how much it is worth and Identify it by double clicking your Identification Kit and then click on your item. It is that simple. Full story

Check Game Deaths Cheat

 To check your game deaths go to your chat menu and type /deaths Full story

Check Game Time Cheat

 To check how long you have been playing Press ENTER then /age in your chat menu. This allows everyone around you to see how long you have been playing. Full story

Item Duplication (Dupe) Cheat

This only works sometimes, and is not guaranteed to work but if your luck you can duplicate any item many times. Also requires good timing.  1. Go outside of a town and bring along the item(s)you want to dupe. 2. Take your item and drop it, but before it hits the disconnect your internet. 3. Then turn your internet on, and the item should be duped. Full story

Chat Menu Actions Cheat

Here are some actions you can type in your chat menu to have fun with your player:   /doubletake /drums (play awesome air drums and form a band ) /fistshake /flute (play awesome flute and form a band ) /guitar (play awesome air guiter and form a band) /help /jump /agree /laugh /attention /beckon /kneel /moan /taunt /violin (play awesome air violin and form a band) /beg /boo /bored /bow /bowhead /catchbreath /cheer /clap /congrats /cough /dance /doh /wave /yawn /pickme /point /ponder /pout /ready /roar /rock paper scissors (allows you to play rock, paper, scissors) /shoo /salute /sorry /scratch /sigh Full story

Gold Dye Cheat

To make Gold dye mix Orange and Silver ,you will then make Sweet 1. Then mix Sweet 1 with Yellow to make Sweet 2. Last but not least, mix Sweet 2 and silver to get your completed product, Gold Dye. Full story

Wintersday in July Next Week!

It’s summertime and Guild Wars is celebrating Wintersday starting at noon PST on July 17th. To find out more go to the Guild Wars website and go to the Event’s Page. Full story

June Tournament Results

History Repeats Itself (Cry), defeated Edible Granite Pencil (yummy) to become June’s very own Guild vs Guild champ. Congratulations! Full story
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