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New Pages

You may have found out that we have been making some new pages on The new pages are the Music and the Arcade pages. On the Music page, you can watch free online music videos from our handpicked song and video playlist, or go to and make your own playlists. The Arcade page has all your favorite games from and ... Full story

Halloween Pizza Party!

The party was awesome. Here is the video: Top 5 Pizza Helpers (if you were at the pre-party you know what I mean): Bubbles Twinklespeed Midnight Moons Midnight Roses Cleopatra's Kitty Loopencrump and more... Full story

Get Free Jellybeans

To get free jellybeans first do the float/fly cheat. How To Float/Fly: Go to Donalds Dock and to the island in the center. Go neck high in the water and jump backwards. As soon as you hit the water press F8 or open your shticker book. Exit Toontown and press Okay, and as soon as you do, run forward. Every time you walk forward you go higher, and ... Full story
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