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New Music For Our Igloo’s!

Yay! New igloo music I like them a bunch here they are! 1. Keyeter Jam (weird I think) 2. Rocking pizza 3. Rock Steady 4. All Acess Pass Full story

How to Play Aqua Grabber With a Puffle.

First walk your pink puffle Then play Aqua Grabber thats it! Full story

Dance with Puffle

This is how to dance with a puffle! First you walk your purple puffle Next go to the Night Club and play DJ-K Dance the game and you will be dancing with your purple puffle!!! Full story

How to Become a Ninja on Club Penguin

How to Become a Ninja on Club Penguin
To become a ninja you must work your way up to a black belt. To do this you must face other penguins and get exp. Here is the guide to everything you will need to know to become a ninja. Different Ways to Play There are 3 ways you can play, "Earn Your Belts", "Practice Mode", or "Challenge the Sensei". Read the "Instructions" below to find out ... Full story

Start at Level 30 In Astro Barrier Cheat

To start at level 30 in Astro barrier go to the game. When the start screen appears simply type 3, you will then start at level 30. You can also do the same with level 10 and 20 just do either 1 or 2! Very easy, always works! Full story

No Name Puffle Cheat

Can’t think of a name for your puffle or just want to leave it blank, well when you buy your puffle don’t write any letters, just spaces,it's that simple! Full story

Candy Pizza Cheat

Personally, the normal Club Penguin pizza is gross so I like candy pizza. So on the start screen of the Pizzatron 3,000 look at the bottom of the screen, there will be a lever. Turn it and you can make candy pizza. Full story

Music Jam 09 Begins

Well, the Music Jam 2009 has started and many peguins are forming bands. Not only that, but all over the map is decorated and if you are a member there is a secrert backstage area at the dock! There is even a new igloo just for the Music Jam! I'll be rocking, hope I can perform for you! Full story

Get Ready to Rock!

 Hello, get ready to Rock & Roll! Starting on July 17 and ending on the 26th, there will be an awesome Music Gig, where Penguins around the world will jam!. Weather you’ll be there or not start practicing or most importantly get a band together! See you There! Full story

Surf With Puffle

To surf with your puffle you must own a red puffle. Take it on a walk with you and go Catch some waves. Full story

Pick the New Penguin Color

On July 24th you will be able to choose from Lavender, AMroon, and Aqua for a new penguin color. You will be able to vote at the Forest, but we will be postin a poll here as well. Whatever the Kidz Crazy Viewers choose, our team will vote for. What color do you want? Full story

How to Become a Tour Guide Quiz Answers

To become a tour guide you must be 40 penguin days old, you can see how old your penguin is by clicking on the ? on the bottom right hand side of your screen. Once you are 40 days old go to Ski Village. Click on the booth that says "tours" and take the quiz. Here are the answers: How many sled racing courses are there 4 How ... Full story

Mission 1 Guide

Mission 1 Go to aunt Arctic and see what she has to say Head to the Ice Rink and you will find pictures, pick them up. Go back to Aunt Arctic and hand over the pictures to her. Go to the Pet Shop where you will find a note on the puffle houses. Take the note. Each not is specialized but  will say G. has         pairs of socks. ... Full story

Secret Agent Quiz Answers

To become a secret agent you must answer the test almost perfectly but with my help you will ace it. Here are the answers to the questions in order:        1 .Are you ready to become a Secret Agent?        Yes (unless you don’t want to?)    2 .Pick one quality that you think a Secret Agent should have       Honest    3. Pick the correct reason to ... Full story

Penguins Around the World

Well the Club Penguin website wanted a way for the community to share pictures of their Penguins in Puffles in some different locations. You can post your pictures on Club Penguin’s Site through the Art Submissions Page. I hope we can see some of your pictures! Full story

You Decide

As many of you know, past “You Decide” posts have got crowded and hard to post or comment, so Club Penguin says that they are working out some bugs so you won’t have such a wait. In the meantime though, they still wanted the community to vote on the new August Penguin Style t-shirt and out of the three options, The MoonDrop , the Tux:T, ... Full story
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