Here is our staff’s names in-game.

Toontown Cheat/News Staff

  1. Alexa
  2. Captain Weasel
  3. Prince Sourmonkey

Club Penguin Cheats/News Staff

  1. My Chiller
  2. Im Not You
  3. Frozen Ear 1
  4. Kidz Crazy

Wizard 101

  1. Edward Spellcaster
  2. Edward Life Walker
  3. Edward Night

Guild Wars Cheats/News Staff

  1. Sir Dragon Flame
  2. Evil Storage Monkey

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2 Comments on “Staff”

  • wrote on 19 October, 2010, 23:29

    Thanks. Greetings from the Speedy DNS.

  • JustinDeathEyes wrote on 6 March, 2011, 15:26

    Hey I am here because Edward night told me to com check it out. Woah! I love it! Edward said he would post pics of me my mom and my dad. I don’t think he has yet, but I hope he does! O Ed this is justin deatheyes, your death teacher. O and whoever is reading this, make sure to go to Eds school I am the death teacher (slitherin). So make sure to get that pic of us Ed.

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