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My Hogwarts House-Video Style thats the link. Yep thats my house. THe filmer's camera was a little... odd... so fast-foward when it pauses. Thanks to Justin Death Eyes, Kiley and Eric. they teach. Also Quinn form 'FIn and Quinn' and Piage Moonshade from 'Paige's Page' loved the house. The video on Youtube is "wizard101 cool massive house!" Thanks! Also my central name is Kidz Crazy, so yea. Full story

Hogwarts- In my House. Come Look!

Hogwarts- In my House. Come Look!
  Heya! This is Ed and I am here to Show you Hogwarts- in my house. I decorated my house like Hogwarts from Harry Potter and I teach students Fun things! Enjoy! Outside below.   Start of Forbidden Fprest (Incorporated by Paige MoonShade's Idea)... Full story

Best Class of Wizard101

When You Start your Journey into the World of Wizard101 You Will think to yourself. Which School Should I choose, Ice For Defence, Life for Healing, Death for stealing life, Myth for Summoning Minions to Aid you in battle, Fire for a In Between State, Storm for Damage, or Balance, For, well, A Balance Between all the schools. The Good And Bads Of the Schools Ice ... Full story

Parties Coming Up! Thanks Giving, Christmas, And Halloween Parties!

Okay as the title says. Online, we will have 3 diffrent parties celebrating, Thanks Giving, Halloween, and Christmas! I dont know What Charachter  I will be using but I will Tell you when I know. We had a problem last party, because the district would get full in game and not everyone would show. I know on Wiz 101everyone stalked me... and Toontown ( my sister) ... Full story

Wizard 101- 10 Million Wizards!

Wizard 101 has finally hit 10 MILLION wizards! Congratulations to Wizard 101's succsess! Look for your party hat, baloons and cake, that Kingisle gave! Have fun! Full story

Best Little Dorm Contest? – Official-

Yea, thats right...the  Best Little dorm contest! Design your dorm to be ammazing, spectacular, or if you want, disturbing..... Anything! But there is a catch! You have to do it like the new world CELESTIAL! So , it must have some under- water theme in it. Wait! There is another catch! You have to use these 5 items below.... Something on Fire..... Fish ... Full story

Pet Park

Hey! Have you checked out Wizard 101's new pet park? No??? Do it RIGHT NOW If you dont know how to get there it is in the commons but first you gotta unlock it by being a level 7 and then talking to our headmaster, Merele Ambrose! Alot of talk about strange pets walking around like a ice helephant?Here is how: once you level your pet to ... Full story

Wizard 101 Free Help

Hi! Its Me! Do you need help on Wizard101? I help anything free. Smiths to Malistare, anything. Meet in realm unicorn out side the Life School I am Edward Life WAlker level 41 Full story

Wizard 101 Malistare Fight

Want to fight Malistare? meet me in the Basilica at 4:00 every day to tag along Malistare holds 10,000 health and is a Death boss He has a 50% Boost to life and a 90% resist to death Full story

Wizard 101

Introducing Wizard 101, a online game where you can play as your own customizable wizard. Explore the lands of the spiral! Buy a mansion and a pet or some cloths for your wizard! Defeat the forces of evil and obtain the "Grand Master" ranking! Join today at Wizard And on Thursdays meet me in front of the boy's dormitry at 4:30 (6:3o sometimes) See ya! ( My name  is Edward Spell ... Full story
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