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Hogwarts- In my House. Come Look!

Hogwarts- In my House. Come Look!
  Heya! This is Ed and I am here to Show you Hogwarts- in my house. I decorated my house like Hogwarts from Harry Potter and I teach students Fun things! Enjoy! Outside below.   Start of Forbidden Fprest (Incorporated by Paige MoonShade's Idea)... Full story

New to the Site?

Are YOU checking out this site? GOOD. The answer to all your questions are to the top right corner of the screen... Now a little down.... to the left a inch... THERE. It says This is Sparta! And Kicking people into the Pit of Death Solves many,many problems! Full story

Protected: Iphone Wallpapers

Iphone Wallpapers

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I am Your Llama…

Do you know On Star Wars Where Darth Vadar Says... " Luke... I am your father.." WEll thast what they WANT you to think. This is totally the real version Muhauhahua! Darth Vader is Just a random Guy who wants to be famous so he makes random things up. Also, Star wars forgot to ... Full story

Who Says a Melon Cant Fly?

I dont know what but some people on guild wars call me "melon" so I made a picture of be, and I think you will Like it: OH ya I am stretched out to the Max! So, next time someone says "The morale to this story is Melons cannot, and will not fly": YOU WILL ... Full story

School Is Starting!

School is Starting, which means we cant play video games all day any more, (actauly we can FREE COUNTRY for us in the US) And we should hit the study books. Either Prepare your self for school or prepare your self to run away because the last of summer is dripping away. I am starting school Today And I am pretty worried about my teacher and ... Full story

Age of Mythology Codes for In-Game Help

Here are some codes to type in on your chat in Age of Mythology. For it to work you must have a town center, and have no units selected. Just press "Enter", and with caps, type the following for awesome rewards!  GOATUNHEIM : god power that makes all the units on the map goats I WANT TEH MONKEYS!!!1! : a army of monkeys appears IN DARKEST NIGHT : ... Full story

Awesome New Game – Age of War

Awesome New Game - Age of War
The game is called Age of War and Age of War II. Here are some pictures of the the game. You can find this game at or at Here is a little guide of how to play and WIN, curtiousy of Age of War 2. Summary Age of War 2 is a mix between a defense game and a strategy game. The goal is ... Full story

Percy Jackson and The Olympians

Based on "Percy Jackson and the Lightning Theif" book  by Rick Riordon,this movie is packed with mysterys and action.The movie takes place in present time , however the ancient  legends of the Greeks are coming true. Percy, a young boy who is dyslectic and suffers ADHD is approached by the Gods, being blamed for stealing Zeus'  lighting bolt. He thinks it is all a dream until Grover, his best friend reveals ... Full story
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