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I’m Baaaaaaack!

Hey everyone! Back from my trip to.... a place... SO! Anyway, I had tons of fun in the snow - cough - I mean... sun! Fine! I went to the alpines. It like destroyed my lips xD So now that my little house on 101 is exclusive, Fin and Quinn were happy to let it sit in there site for all eternity. Thanks Quinn! I ... Full story

My Hogwarts House-Video Style thats the link. Yep thats my house. THe filmer's camera was a little... odd... so fast-foward when it pauses. Thanks to Justin Death Eyes, Kiley and Eric. they teach. Also Quinn form 'FIn and Quinn' and Piage Moonshade from 'Paige's Page' loved the house. The video on Youtube is "wizard101 cool massive house!" Thanks! Also my central name is Kidz Crazy, so yea. Full story

Hogwarts- In my House. Come Look!

Hogwarts- In my House. Come Look!
  Heya! This is Ed and I am here to Show you Hogwarts- in my house. I decorated my house like Hogwarts from Harry Potter and I teach students Fun things! Enjoy! Outside below.   Start of Forbidden Fprest (Incorporated by Paige MoonShade's Idea)... Full story

Harry Potter- And R.I.P Dobby the Elf.

So yesterday I went to see HP7 ( Harry Potter 7) And it was Epic! So! Some Review. It followed the main storyline in the book, and  effects were great! My Favorite Scene; *SPOILER* When Dobby Enters trying to strangle the thief! You make me laugh dobby! Saddest Scene  * EXTREME SPOILER*: When Beletrix Lestrange hurls a knife at Dobby and killed him! That kinda made me laugh but I ... Full story

Level 48, Hydra, Nova and… Perry the Platypus?

Yes I did hit level 48, I got my Hydra Pet ( So cute yet so lethal) Got my Power nova (not cute but still lethal) And got Perry? Yesh I said Perry. He is cute AND lethal. He is the whole package! Okay, Why Perry, You ask? Because I like perry. Also I like melons but melons aren't important right now. Or Are they? ... Full story

Best Class of Wizard101

When You Start your Journey into the World of Wizard101 You Will think to yourself. Which School Should I choose, Ice For Defence, Life for Healing, Death for stealing life, Myth for Summoning Minions to Aid you in battle, Fire for a In Between State, Storm for Damage, or Balance, For, well, A Balance Between all the schools. The Good And Bads Of the Schools Ice ... Full story

Parties Coming Up! Thanks Giving, Christmas, And Halloween Parties!

Okay as the title says. Online, we will have 3 diffrent parties celebrating, Thanks Giving, Halloween, and Christmas! I dont know What Charachter  I will be using but I will Tell you when I know. We had a problem last party, because the district would get full in game and not everyone would show. I know on Wiz 101everyone stalked me... and Toontown ( my sister) ... Full story

New Pages

You may have found out that we have been making some new pages on The new pages are the Music and the Arcade pages. On the Music page, you can watch free online music videos from our handpicked song and video playlist, or go to and make your own playlists. The Arcade page has all your favorite games from and ... Full story

Wizard 101 Free Help

Hi! Its Me! Do you need help on Wizard101? I help anything free. Smiths to Malistare, anything. Meet in realm unicorn out side the Life School I am Edward Life WAlker level 41 Full story

Freckleslam Encounter with Speech! Amazing!

Today at precisley 1:57 toontown time, we happened to be recording while we saw Frekleslam. If you do not know who this is, he is a famous hacker who is part of the Order. The Order has been mistaken for doing what the Anti Clan has done, and Frekelslam gave this speech:... Full story

Wizard 101 Malistare Fight

Want to fight Malistare? meet me in the Basilica at 4:00 every day to tag along Malistare holds 10,000 health and is a Death boss He has a 50% Boost to life and a 90% resist to death Full story

Halloween Pizza Party!

The party was awesome. Here is the video: Top 5 Pizza Helpers (if you were at the pre-party you know what I mean): Bubbles Twinklespeed Midnight Moons Midnight Roses Cleopatra's Kitty Loopencrump and more... Full story

Toontown Contest! Win Big!

Well, our team has decide to hold a contest, so here it is: All you have to do is submit a post. It is suggested, but not a rule, that you add an image and/or video to help readers understand the topic. Your post must be about Toontown, it could be a cheat, glitch, tip, trick,or other. As long as it is about Toontown. Also please include your email, so ... Full story

How to go Super Slow-Mo or Super Fast

Okay this is one of my favorite glitches. Just log in to Toontown and change your date to somewhere in the future, then into the past to go slow-mo. Then if you want to go VERY fast, change your date somewhere into the future, then the past, and back to the future. Then once your done with the cheat, log out and change the date ... Full story

Get Free Jellybeans

To get free jellybeans first do the float/fly cheat. How To Float/Fly: Go to Donalds Dock and to the island in the center. Go neck high in the water and jump backwards. As soon as you hit the water press F8 or open your shticker book. Exit Toontown and press Okay, and as soon as you do, run forward. Every time you walk forward you go higher, and ... Full story

Best Way To Float/Fly

Go to Donalds Dock and to the island in the center. Go neck high in the water and jump backwards. As soon as you hit the water press F8 or open your shticker book. Exit Toontown and press Okay, and as soon as you do k, run forward. Every time you walk forward you go higher, and if you walk backwards you go down. If you ... Full story

How to Become a Ninja on Club Penguin

How to Become a Ninja on Club Penguin
To become a ninja you must work your way up to a black belt. To do this you must face other penguins and get exp. Here is the guide to everything you will need to know to become a ninja. Different Ways to Play There are 3 ways you can play, "Earn Your Belts", "Practice Mode", or "Challenge the Sensei". Read the "Instructions" below to find out ... Full story

Secret Agent Quiz Answers

To become a secret agent you must answer the test almost perfectly but with my help you will ace it. Here are the answers to the questions in order:        1 .Are you ready to become a Secret Agent?        Yes (unless you don’t want to?)    2 .Pick one quality that you think a Secret Agent should have       Honest    3. Pick the correct reason to ... Full story

How to Get a Fire Imp

Fire Imp: Can be summoned every 60 minutes for level 19's and below. Requirements: Must have an Igneous Summoning Stone. How To Get A Igneous Summoning Stone: type /bonus in your chat menu. You will also get 6 other items customized for you. How to Summon: Go to an explorable area and press F5 ... Full story

How to Get M.O.X

M.O.X : A golem, level 20 no matter your level. Requirements To Get M.O.X: Must  have Prophecies, Factions, and Nightfall campaigns on one account, the Trilogy Pack, or the Game of the Year Edition. Must Be a Level 10 to unlock. Where to Find M.O.X: Prophecies -  Go to theNorth Kryta Province in Kryta Factions  -  Go to Bukdek Byway in Kaineng City Nightfall -  Go to Plains ... Full story

Toontown Party Like A Toon Sweepstakes

Until July 31st, every day you login to Toontown, you will be automaticaly entered for a chance to win either a Disneyland resort or a Walt Disney Eorld Resort vacation. So I guess you can say it is a good excuse for playing. Good Luck! Full story

We Need Your Help!

Hello! Kidz Crazy needs your help! We want your ideas to make this a better site. Please leave your suggestions by commenting. Full story
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