Level 48, Hydra, Nova and… Perry the Platypus?

Yes I did hit level 48, I got my Hydra Pet ( So cute yet so lethal) Got my Power nova (not cute but still lethal) And got Perry? Yesh I said Perry. He is cute AND lethal. He is the whole package! Okay, Why Perry, You ask? Because I like perry. Also I like melons but melons aren’t important right now. Or Are they? Hmm…. Fine there Important… Maybe Perry eats melons? Yesh they do! Well I gotta go do my Spelling Workbook or I gets a F! Also Hello BL KR and PP ( those are initials  of my friends, and you know who you are. So Bye. Indeed. Yes. Yes. Indeed.So Bye. Indeed. Yes. Yes. Indeed So Bye. Indeed. Yes. Yes. Indeed So Bye. Indeed. Yes. Yes. Indeed That should totally be a song. I will come uop with it later. Bye oh and HAPPY BIRTH DAY! Whos birthday you ask? SOMEONE IN SOME WHERE AT SOME TIME.

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  • me wrote on 16 November, 2010, 23:31


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