Pet Park

Hey! Have you checked out Wizard 101’s new pet park?

No??? Do it RIGHT NOW
If you dont know how to get there it is in the commons but first you gotta unlock it by being a level 7 and then talking to our headmaster, Merele Ambrose! Alot of talk about strange pets walking around like a ice helephant?Here is how: once you level your pet to an adult at Pet Park, you may….. Uh… How do I put this… Mix with someone elses pet and make an egg. In the egg (when it hatches) will be a mixture of those two pets! Like a Helephant and a collosus for example; might make a Ice Helephant or a Fire Collosus! Enough waiting go there NOW! And be paitent for the new world and for the new schools! Cant Wait!

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4 Comments on “Pet Park”

  • eastlake insurance wrote on 5 October, 2010, 1:07

    Great writing! I want to see a follow up to this topic :)

  • Lilly wrote on 14 October, 2010, 12:05

    Great blog post, I have been looking for something like that!?


  • wrote on 20 October, 2010, 2:05

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  • wrote on 15 March, 2011, 21:32

    Awesome pet park wizard 101.. Ho-o-o-o-t :)

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