Toontown Contest! Win Big!

Well, our team has decide to hold a contest, so here it is:

All you have to do is submit a post. It is suggested, but not a rule, that you add an image and/or video to help readers understand the topic.

Your post must be about Toontown, it could be a cheat, glitch, tip, trick,or other. As long as it is about Toontown.

Also please include your email, so we can email you if you win. Your email will be edited out if you win so others wont email you, so dont feel discouraged.

How to Enter:

Scroll down and look on our sidebar for a section where you can submit a post. Fill out the form and do everything it asks there. If for some reason that does not work,or you can not locate it, you can always reply here with your entry, but youd be better off submitting it there.

Please make sure all your posts are your own, this means no copying.

If you win you will be emailed, if not your post still may be posted on our site, however it may not be featured.

Grand Prize:

Winner will recieve all metioned below. On number 4 you must choose one of the mentioned.

  1. Winning entry featured on the homepage
  2. Be Added to our Toon’s friends list
  3. Receive one item from our catolog (worth at least 300 jellybeans)
  4. (Choose one) Our toon’s help defeating any level building anywhere, any Mint (Cashbot), Facotry(Selbot), Office (Lawbot), or the Front Three ( Bossbot). Or instead of the following we can help defeat either the VP or CFO. We also wont stop helping until we succeed.

Second Place:

Be added to our toon’s friends list, and a item form our catolog.

Third Place:

 Added to our toons friends list.


Sound good? If you have any questions please post here. Thanks!

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12 Comments on “Toontown Contest! Win Big!”

  • aya wrote on 25 August, 2009, 23:38

    hi, I have a lots of glitches, and it works!

    1- go to a pond , jump back and open your shticker book, then press go home,run fast then you will fly.
    2-steal your friends clothes,choose the ones you want,tell them to move the closet, now you have the clothes! that dont work every time, but dont press the (X) button.

    3-the ghost toon, first, tell your friend to go to another server, then click teleport, there be should an option to change the server,dont click yes or no yet,just move your furniture to the attic, then click yes, then you will be able to walk through the doors and the windows, like a ghost toon.

    4- how to be a cog friend: open your friend list, then click the new friend button, click on the cog that you want to be his friend, but he will say no, thank you.

    6- fishing glitches: get close to any fishing pond in the whole palgrounds, get clos were you will fish, then jump and open your shticker book,then close the book again,then you will fish,but you will be able to walk and the fishsing rod in your hand.

    7- walk asleep: just click the sleep emotion, and run, you hands will be straight, and eyes closed, note: this is need practice!!

    Carry Jellybean Jar In Your Hand
    Go to your Estate, enter your House, and Stand in front of your Jellybean Jar. Jump at the Jellybean Jar,
    as soon as your about to touch the Jar, Open your Book, and Wait for the Jellybean Transfer Options shows up.
    Do not Close your Book the Transfer Option at any time unless you need to start the Glitch over. Finally, Teleport
    back to the Playground or Open your Friends List and Teleport to a
    Friend. When you arrive to your destination, your Toon will have a Jellybean Jar in it’s hand but you are the only
    one who can see this.

    9-Jump 2 Stacked Boxes
    Go into a Sellbot HQ Factory, Find 2 Boxes Stacked ontop of eachother with a Gag Barrel on very top
    of the Boxes, instead of pushing a Box near by to get up on the Boxes,
    Jump up against the Stacked Boxes and Press the Home key located on your Keyboard several times until you get up on the top.
    This will Glitch will not work with all Toons or all Stacked Boxes.

    Fishing Glitch 2
    In Playgrounds there is a new way to do this Glitch. First stand next to the Pet Shop Clerk, then Jump at
    the Pet Shop Clerk, just as your about to Touch him/her while your in the air, Click on your Book to Open it,
    and then Close the Book by Clicking it again. The Option to Sell your Fish should come up and you should be able
    to run around with it in your Screen (Do not Sell your Fish or Cancel the Option). Go to a Fishing Dock in the Playground,
    Jump above the area where you will Fish. While you are in the air Click on your Book to Open it, then Close the Book by
    Clicking the Book again, now Choose the Option to Sell your Fish, and you will now be able to walk around the Playground
    with the Fishing Rode in your Hand.

    12-This is a Method used in Toontown to try to make a Secret Friend with a regular Friend. First go to your Friend,
    then say “Please be my friend”, next say “Use the Speed Chat”, then quickly say “No”, (if you have “That Stinks”
    phrase use it after you say “No”) and then Type something quickly to make your Toon Speak (Example: Quack, Woof, Meow, etc.).
    Next say “Yes”, “Please be my friend” again and then say “Let’s go to Toontown Central” indicating to go on the Toontown Central Website to give Codes.
    This Method will not work on everyone and you might Scare the person into thinking you are crazy.

    First do the Fishing Glitch on any Street, then Walk into a Cog on the Street to Battle it, and your Toon
    will be able to Move around the Street while Battling

    14- how to be a polar toon, this is to make your toon look white, just go to paula in the brrrrg, then use speed chat phrase,( howday) then your toon color well turn to white!

    15-Floating Toon in House
    Go to your Estate, Enter your House, and Stand in a Area of your Room. Jump in the Air,
    while your Toon is in the Air, Click the Attic Button so your Toon disappears from the Room.
    Next Click the Attic Button again and your Toon will appear in the Air Floating in your Room.
    Your Toon will be able to Float around the House and your Toon can do Emotions while Sliding around the Rooms.

    this is the all glitches and cheats, hope i win, cuz i tried them all, and they are the best ever!belive me! thx for the contest….

  • aya wrote on 25 August, 2009, 23:43

    do you give away a membership for the first place??? hope that i will win cuz i have posted alots of glitches!!!!!!!!!!11

  • admin wrote on 26 August, 2009, 13:46

    To answer your question, no. We are not giving away memberships just yet. Our site is fairly new and we would like some more visitors before we give away more costly prizes. Another variable is that we would like some donations, weather it is $1 or $100, most of the dontations will be used toward the purchase of prizes, however you do not have to donate. Anway, come back and tell your friends because we are saving up for some cool prize packages. Thanks

  • admin wrote on 29 August, 2009, 10:52

    Well for now we need at least 3 more entrants, until we can decide on the winner.

  • aya wrote on 10 September, 2009, 6:53

    ok thank u

  • aya wrote on 16 September, 2009, 11:10

    ok, but when the contest is end, and the winners are enterd, tell me by mail.

  • admin wrote on 16 September, 2009, 15:37

    No problem, also when we get enough entrants I’ll be sure to message you. Also tell all your friends so you or one of them can win. Thanks

  • aya wrote on 21 September, 2009, 9:09

    np,yw, i will tell them.

  • ruru wrote on 21 September, 2009, 23:51

    here is a glitch, go to ddl, then the way for the cashbot HQ, then training in your voice while sleeping ( I’m not sure of the name), go in, say (( would you like some help?)) with speed chat,then he will give you a new emotion.

  • lucy wrote on 2 October, 2009, 9:01

    hiya, wanna get free jelly beans? all you have to do is the flying glitch, (in donald dock), then go to trolley, open you book with f8, then it will be back again, you will get ten jelly beans on every time, so keep doing it.

  • lucy wrote on 2 October, 2009, 9:02

    is the contest over? im the last person here.

  • admin wrote on 2 October, 2009, 19:13

    Sorry, but they have to be cheats that Kidz Crazy has not posted already. Thanks

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