Get Free Jellybeans

To get free jellybeans first do the float/fly cheat.

How To Float/Fly:

Go to Donalds Dock and to the island in the center. Go neck high in the water and jump backwards. As soon as you hit the water press F8 or open your shticker book. Exit Toontown and press Okay, and as soon as you do, run forward. Every time you walk forward you go higher, and if you walk backwards you go down. If you like the height your at, press CTRL. To fall back down press ESC. You can also do this cheat anywhere where the water is deep enough.

Free Jellybeans:

Now once you do the float/fly cheat go back in the water. Swim to the trolley and once you are on press ESC. Make sure now one else gets on. Now wait for the trolley to come back to starting position and do it as many times as you desire. You may not get any the first couple times bought last time I did this, within 5 minutes I got an extra 197 jellies!

Note : wait about 30 seconds for your jellybeans to arrive!

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  • angelo wrote on 5 August, 2009, 11:30

    Thank you for working on this web page, your stuff is great

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