How to Become a Ninja on Club Penguin

To become a ninja you must work your way up to a black belt. To do this you must face other penguins and get exp. Here is the guide to everything you will need to know to become a ninja.

Different Ways to Play

There are 3 ways you can play, “Earn Your Belts”, “Practice Mode”, or “Challenge the Sensei”. Read the “Instructions” below to find out what each means.

ninja 1

Once you know what each mode is we can move on.


Now go to the Dojo and go inside, here is what it looks like on the map.


Once you are in go to the pillow on the upper right hand side, and hover over it. The Sensei will then appear.


Click on the Sensei and listen to what he has to say. Choose “Earn Your Belts” because you can not beat the Sensei until you are a black belt.


To earn your spot you must win a certain amount of wins

White belt : 3 wins
Yellow belt : 5 wins

Orange belt : 7 wins
Green belt : 9 wins

Blue belt : 11 wins
Red belt : 13 wins

Purple Belt :15 wins
Brown belt : 16 wins

Black belt : 17 wins

Now this depends what level of belt you are facing, if you beat 10 Black Belts in a row you will earn more exp. than fighting 10 White Belts in a row.


Once you have became a black belt go challenge the Sensei.


 You wont beat him the first time, but you will eventually. Keep trying.

Good Luck!

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