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  • My Hogwarts House-Video Style

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jf4VB4-bG1g thats the link. Yep thats my house. THe filmer's camera was a little... odd... so fast-foward when it pauses. Thanks to Justin Death Eyes, Kiley and Eric. they teach. Also Quinn form 'FIn and Quinn' and Piage Moonshade ...0 comments

  • Hogwarts- In my House. Come Look!

    Hogwarts- In my House. Come Look!

      Heya! This is Ed and I am here to Show you Hogwarts- in my house. I decorated my house like Hogwarts from Harry Potter and I teach students Fun things! Enjoy! Outside below....0 comments

  • Harry Potter- And R.I.P Dobby the Elf.

    So yesterday I went to see HP7 ( Harry Potter 7) And it was Epic! So! Some Review. It followed the main storyline in the book, and  effects were great! My Favorite Scene; *SPOILER* When Dobby Enters trying to strangle ...0 comments

  • Level 48, Hydra, Nova and… Perry the Platypus?

    Yes I did hit level 48, I got my Hydra Pet ( So cute yet so lethal) Got my Power nova (not cute but still lethal) And got Perry? Yesh I said Perry. He is cute ...1 comment

  • Best Class of Wizard101

    When You Start your Journey into the World of Wizard101 You Will think to yourself. Which School Should I choose, Ice For Defence, Life for Healing, Death for stealing life, Myth for Summoning Minions to Aid ...6 comments

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  • New to the Site?

    12 Nov 2010

    Are YOU checking out this site? GOOD. The answer to all your questions are to the top right corner of the screen... Now a little down.... to ...

  • Iphone Wallpapers

    Protected: Iphone Wallpapers

    23 Oct 2010

    This post is password protected. To view it please enter your password below:

  • Club Penguin- Will the Green Puffle help in Jet Pack Adventure?

    12 Sep 2010

    Yep He soon will be able to assist penguins in " Jet Pack Adventure" Game! All you have to do is Get a green puffle walk hi ...

  • I am Your Llama…

    08 Sep 2010

    Do you know On Star Wars Where Darth Vadar Says... " Luke... I am your father.." WEll thast what they WANT you to think. This is totally ...

  • Who Says a Melon Cant Fly?

    08 Sep 2010

    I dont know what but some people on guild wars call me "melon" so I made a picture of be, and I think you will Like it:...

  • School Is Starting!

    31 Aug 2010

    School is Starting, which means we cant play video games all day any more, (actauly we can FREE COUNTRY for us in the US) And we should ...

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Kidz Crazy

Club Penguin

  • Club Penguin- Will the Green Puffle help in Jet Pack Adventure?

    Yep He soon will be able to assist penguins in " Jet Pack Adventure" Game! All you have to do is Get a green puffle walk hi and then go in the jet Pack Game! But it is not out yet so you cannot do it Yet. Thanks! 1 comment

  • Club Penguin Catologs

    Simply click the icon of the catalog you wish to browse. To buy an item in game, scroll down and log in to your penguin then do as you would normally. ...0 comments

  • Club Penguin Amulet

    Today Sensei has invented a speical amulet, with speical powers. The amulet made the storm on Club Penguin vanish!Go to the ninja Hideout to buy a BLACK APRON to help you create a amulet. (More on page 1 of the Club Penguin news paper) 0 comments

  • New Music For Our Igloo’s!

    Yay! New igloo music I like them a bunch here they are! 1. Keyeter Jam (weird I think) 2. Rocking pizza 3. Rock Steady 4. All Acess Pass 0 comments

  • How to Play Aqua Grabber With a Puffle.

    First walk your pink puffle Then play Aqua Grabber thats it! 0 comments

  • Dance with Puffle

    This is how to dance with a puffle! First you walk your purple puffle Next go to the Night Club and play DJ-K Dance the game and you will be dancing with your purple puffle!!! 0 comments

  • Start at Level 30 In Astro Barrier Cheat

    To start at level 30 in Astro barrier go to the game. When the start screen appears simply type 3, you will then start at level 30. You can also do the same with level 10 and 20 just do either 1 or 2! Very easy, always works! 9 comments

  • No Name Puffle Cheat

    Can’t think of a name for your puffle or just want to leave it blank, well when you buy your puffle don’t write any letters, just spaces,it's that simple! 0 comments

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Guild Wars

  • Guild Wars Festival!

    Happy fourth! Also to you guild wars players, I got some good news! The Festival has come back on! Go try out The Dragon Arena Where you ...12 comments

  • Guild Wars Official Guide

    Here is the Official Guild Wars Guide, curiosity of Prima. It has 225 pages filled with very helpful information and tips. It includes walkthroughs for quests and missions, charts/graphs, info about the game,full color pictures, ...0 comments

  • My Minipets On Guild Wars!

    Kidz Crazyis a minipet collector in the making . Please post which mini pets you have and a price if you want to sell! My Favorite Minipets: Jade Armor Hydra Palawka Joko Gwen  Ded Pig Celestial Rat Ded Eleves Wind Rider Seige Turtles Minitaur Charr Shaman Asura Ded Freezie I have WAY MORE ,these ...2 comments

  • Check Age

    Wanna know how to check your age on Guild Wars? /age pretty easy A reason to see your age is for your B day!!! You can get B day presents from a bday! TO find out more ...0 comments

  • Fighting Tip

    When you enter an explorable area an you see a lot of enimies your instinct usually tells you to flee or run past them, well my tip to you, don't. This leads to a lot ...0 comments

  • Name a Pet

    To name your pet simply type /namepet (pet's name here). 0 comments

  • Extra Gold Tip

    If you are in need of gold, or simply want more, buy an Identifacation Kit. Eventually it will pay off giving you up to 60 extra gold per item. Just find an item that does ...0 comments

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  • Floating Items

    This is very simple and fun. All you have to do is go to your "backyard" at your estate and put items on top of eachother and they will float. 0 comments

  • Behind Selbot HQ

    To go behind Selbot HQ go to Selbot Hq and wait for a toon to go into the doors where you choose your boarding group. Right before they go into te door, teleport to them, then you will ...0 comments

  • New Character Selection Screen

    Toontown has just changed their character selection screen. Instead of orange, it is now blue. Take a look below. 0 comments

  • Secret Emotion

    To get "Toons of the World Unite", go to Donalds Dreamland. Then go to Pajama Palace and find the building called "Talking in Your Sleep". Go inside and say "Would You Like Some Help" . Then the Toons ...0 comments

  • How to go Through Walls

    First go to Toontown Central and into Loopy Lane. Go all the way to the building that has a fence and noname. Jump over the fence and through the wall. This is hard to explain so watch the ...0 comments

  • Be on the Pillow in Donald’s Dreamland

    First  go to Donald's Dreamland and wait by the entrance to Minnie's Melodyland. Wait for someone on the other side by the Pet Shop to start running. When they run past the door of the Pet Shop teleport to them ...0 comments

  • How to Get a Black Cat

    This is how to get a Black Cat First It has to be Halloween Next make a any color cat Do the tutorial But at at the end where you must say your first words say "Toontastic!" Now your a Black ...1 comment

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